Butterfield Uni-Mix Integral Concrete Color

Butterfield Unimix concrete color is a premium, non- fading colorant that contains dispersants and wetting agents which reduce the water demand of the pigments. Uni-Mix colorants beautify the installation without compromising the strength and durability of the concrete. Available in 24 Standard Colors. 1 bag per cubic yard of concrete. Can be used with Butterfield Color overlay products in pre measured packs.

Uni-Mix Colorant is a pre-measured admixture for integrally coloring ready mixed concrete during batching. It is a blend of non-fading, synthetic iron oxides and a water-reducer, which produce uniform, streak-free colors in concrete. The water-reducer in Uni-Mix allows the color to quickly and evenly disperse without additional water, thereby maintaining the strength and freeze/thaw resistance of the cured concrete. This same componentimproves the finishing characteristicsof the concrete, which contributes to coloruniformity and surface durability. Packaged in dissolvable bags for accurate and convenient color of concrete; 1 bag per cubic yard of concrete. Available in 24 Standard Colors, custom colors and color matching are also available.

We are happy to mail Butterfield color charts for more accurrate color representation.

Download the data sheet (PDF).
Download the color chart (PDF).

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